Resilient Roanoke

The Resilient Roanoke Roundtable is a local volunteer-led and organized initiative fostering a resilient ecological community by facilitating collaboration across stakeholders.


  • To leverage collective power in advancing local solutions that address air and water pollution, sustainability and waste challenges, environmental injustices, climate change, access to healthy food and safe housing, and threats to greenspace and parks.

  • To create a dedicated space where community leaders and advocates can share information and knowledge and foster greater community awareness and engagement around local health and environmental challenges. To nurture advocacy cross-pollination to secure stronger and more lasting outcomes.

  • To help Roanoke City leaders identify progressive and transformative approaches to implementing the goals of the Roanoke City Plan 2040.


  • The status quo is unsustainable and inequitable. We feel called to action to help create a Roanoke that ensures everyone has access to the basic human rights of clean air and water, healthy food and safe housing, and parks and greenspace for recreation and mental wellness. We recognize that we are more powerful and effective as an organized collective.


  • We hold a monthly hour-long meeting, sharing updates from working groups and offering opportunities for connection and collaboration for our members.

  • Participating groups are asked to send 1-2 representatives per meeting.

  • We expect disagreement and differences of opinion but demand respectful dialogue and kindness. See the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing.

  • Due to COVID-19, our meetings are currently virtual.